BRIAN SHERIDAN 29774 BRIAN SHERIDAN 29773 BRIAN SHERIDAN 29772 Gecko in progress Giraffe in progress R.E.M Daysleeper lyrical artwork Love Yourself, Hug Myself Angel Jack Miller 29747 Katie McTernan 29746 Katie McTernan 29745 Katie McTernan 29744 Liz Clements Observation Oil and Biro Close Up Liz Clements Artist Observation Oil and Biro. Typography Example IMG_0527 IMG_0525 IMG_0523 1794684_735008859876926_954677394_n PPG BC Beauty Boys Another Beauty- Leigh Bowery Another Beauty- Leigh Bowery Callum  Stannard 29661 Callum  Stannard 29660 Amber Loveday 29658 Amber Loveday 29657 Amber Loveday 29656 They're bright red and awesome A Veiled Portrait 2

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