Interested in Selling Art on MeMyArt?

Benefits of selling on MeMyArt

We provide low-maintenance, low-risk way to increase your exposure and make money as an artist.

No listing fees.

It costs nothing to list your work on MeMyArt, we keep promoting it until it's sold.

Low commission.

We want you to prosper, so we don't take a huge commision like Art Dealers or Galleries.

Huge audience.

MeMyArt is growing fast, this means your Artwork is instantly seen by a lot of people.


We win when you win. Our job is to show the world how amazing you are, so become a seller today and be part of our upcoming PR Campaign.

We've simplified the business side.

We want you to focus on what you do best so we handle the payment, arbitration and transaction details. All you need to do is ship the Art once we’ve found a Buyer.

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Interested in Buying Affordable Art on MeMyArt?

Find your Student Artist.

Have fun browsing for affordable art from the best Student Artists this side of the pond. Find the right piece and prepare your space – it should arrive within a few days.

Found it, now what?

Hit the Buy Now Button and pay for the Artwork. (We keep your funds safe until you are happy with your purchase). We keep you updated starting with the shipment of your Artwork, which is normally within four days of Purchase.

Receive your artwork.

Your new Artwork arrives by post or courier – just sit back and enjoy. Oh and If it’s not what you want you can return it – no obligation, no cost.

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