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I think that MeMyArt has become hugely successful since it has begun. Being able to look at other students work gives other students inspiration and new ideas. It is a perfect website to look at what styles different universties work in, to then help you pick a university where you will fit in and grow. Being able to sell work is a huge bonus, especially for students! the only bad point is that it is hard for students to value there own work, I have seen some work which has modestly been put for £20, but is worth a lot more. It would be good for MeMyArt to have a standard table or value with example pictures/sizes/materials. As you would then be able to see where your work fits in with the value prices.
i think it is the best place to show off your work of art,and then have the best place to be able to sell your work.
MemyArt is like a new social network platform for art and paintings aswell as animation. The sites unique because you can sell art which helps young aspiring artists get recognized.If you are an artist or cartoonist, this is the site for you!
I find it to be a good and easy way to share art to many new and different people. I also believe that it inspirers new ideas and contains many new and different inspirations. The only bad points in which I can think off is that only art based people use it meaning the masses cannot see the art.
I came acroos memyart at my college, once I looked at the website I really liked how I could show my work to other students. I did find it confusing with how to show my work, not knowing where to upload them, but once finding the location it was pretty easy to upload my work. I really enjoy how at the home page other peoples work can be seen as little thumb nails, but when I click onn peoples profiles to view the artwork I could only view one piece at a time and had to go bck onto the prevouise page and then click on the next piece to view it. I would suggest a accessable slide show on each profile of the students artwork. When I found out I could sell my artwork, I was thrilled, but I noticed the avdertisement to sell your artwork was small and not so noticable. I think this website is a brilliant idea, for only students to sell their work and also view it. I am very pleased I came across memyart as it has got my artwork out to people and hopefully I will make some money from it.
The website holds the base of what it is wanting to project to its audience. Much like DA and Flickr, it allows students and freelance artists to show of their portfolio for practically nothing, and have a location to direct people to, to see his/hers art.

However, as a website designer myself, I scouted through some of the exported code through HTML, and it seems the JQuery used in the site is limited to some web browsers. It seems Google Chrome is suffering the most! Uploading is buggy, updates to input text sometimes refuses to be uploaded and you present no real "Normal" "Active" "Down" animations to make the user feel that they have actually clicked upload etc.

My advise for this situation, is look at the JQuery/JavaScript extenstions you have plugged into the site and scan through it's last update (To see when it was last updated for browsers) and its compatibility (If Google Chrome fails, Safari will most likely follow suit due to they both use WebKit to support JavaScript)

As a last suggestion, mobile phone views for sites are creeping up to 30%! Have you seen the statistics for this on your site? If so, perhaps bringing in developers who can create a smartphone friendly version of the site, so loading and layout is much more easier on the eyes for small screens! Perhaps allow users to upload work from their phone, they most likely have snapped a photo of their work from their phone anyway! It isn't that tough to work on that feature for iOS and Android (Maybe not Blackberry).

I hope this helps. If you want any more feedback, give me a shout (:
Charlie McShane

Source: 3 years of web and game development
I think MeMyArt is a very well thought out and cultivated idea. It gives artists the chance to showcase their work where as they may not be able to do otherwise. By allowing people to follow eachother and comment on each others work, is a good way to give people a chance to express their thoughts and feelings. It also gives the artist the confidence they need to continue on their journey. Buying and selling art is a very good idea becuase it gives students a bit of money in their pockets that will become very useful.
I think its a great site, although you could really use a 'like' button like on Facebook .
I like that I can upload my Art and that people can review it. I also like being able to see other student's work, which provides inspiration for me in future projects.
Beyond explaination ^^ simply amazing and beautiful...

it gives you the chance to be seen and get heard,
I love MeMyArt because of the way you can look at other peoples work and gain ideas to make your pieces better. I like how on the website there are a different age ranges so you can look at older peoples work as well as younger peoples. The diversity of the work is incredible from drawings to paintings and the ideas that people have are so unique and that's what this website is about, sharing your unique ideas with everybody else.
Memyart offers something new- it's creating an exciting network of young artists and helping them from the beginning, an opportunity that artists in the past haven't had- they've made it possible to share work, meet other artists doing similar work, broaden knowledge of creative design and all in an easy and familiar way... and it's great to be able to see what everyone else is doing!
I think this website is a really good way for students who are very passionate about art to get to know other people their own age who feel the same way, yet might have differing opinions about styles of work.
I also think its a great way for new artists to have a kick start in their carrier as you can sell your art work as well. I can't think of anything bad about the site really but I believe that it still could be improved. A great way to improve it would be to make an app so maybe photographers could upload on the move, or people could upload doodles and sketches they might otherwise not bother to scan in and upload on a computer. Overall I think this is a brilliant site and I would defiantly recommend it to any other student interested in art.
I think MeMyArt is a great platform for talented Student Artists of any age. I like the recent development of selling work as this is an integral part of existing as an Artist. I also have been struck by the Standard of Student Artwork [ it is very good!] and by the friendliness of the website community. An almost quiet and studious dedication coupled with a laid back vibe makes it a welcoming place to share work. Like all Web ventures, traffic to the site can be elusive but I think MeMyArt will Succeed!

...and I'll be coming along for the ride..!
I really think this website is a great idea, but when I brought it up in my art class, no one had heard of it ! I knew about it because I had seen a poster, and I've now introduced my friends to the website and they like it too. I think that's the best way you could improve the website, by increasing advertising and raising awareness to more students. Also, I know the name is memyart, but have you thought of adding sections for other creative areas, one that springs to mind is design X
Me my art has been perfect for presenting my artwork online. I've already recommended it to three of my friends and I give out the link to my page frequently to show off my work. Memyart has been the answer to my online portfolio problems, brilliant!!
I think MeMyArt is a great website easy to use and I think all students should use it
Its amazing to see how everyone's art is developing, it's great to keep in contact with other art students from different universities and even the possibility to sell one of my paintings would be fabulous. The bad thing is I spend too much time looking at other people's work instead of doing my own art work,
I love MeMyArt. It is very organised and efficient. The design of the site (the colour scheme and such) is nice and I am glad it was recomended to me. It's good to know that there's the option to sell my artwork if and when I want to. I haven't experience any problems so far so keep up to good work!
I actually think it's a great website for students who want to build a strong reputation with their art skills, it's so easy to use and people from all around the world can see your work. I'm going to be using MeMyArt everytime i make a great art piece and show it off!
MemyArt is fantastic! it gives me the opportunity to see what other students are producing and what they are studying towards. The blog is superb! With a few clicks i can give and recieve information on all aspects of the world of art such as information on university and art degrees straight from the people who are currently experiencing them or who have moved on! This has given me fantastic scope and narrowed down my choices of which universities to see and what courses to investigate. THANKYOU MEMYART.COM!
I'm a graphic design student and the vast majority of my work is digital. The site seems to be aimed at physical art pieces. Considering it is using new technology (the internet and social media), it is ironic that it doesn't allow for newer art forms, such as digital art created with Photoshop, Illustrator and the like.
The confidence generater that will inspire todays art students to be tomorrow's artists
I absolutely love MeMyArt! It is an amazing, imaginative and modern way for young, creative artists to be noticed with the possibility of becoming successful. It is also a great source of inspiration. I believe, as an art student and hopeful art & design teacher, MeMyArt would set young students up for success and would teach them to become passionate about art, just the way that I have!
It has to be the easiest site to follow. That is so important, when you want to use a site for such things as uploading and sharing with others.
It allows me to EASILY display my artwork and add descriptions, it only took me 10 mins. I can easily send people a link to my work so universities for example can view my work. I like how you offer free portfolios, and signing up is free. I think maybe the website could be updated so its more modern and attractive and a little easier to navigate around. I also like how you can share your work with facebook.
MeMyArt is a community of fabulously talented artists - I am so glad I joined! Its a brilliant way of being inspired and feeling creative. I think it is a brilliant site where people of all ages can share one thing they have in common - their love for art. It would be fantastic if the creative community we have on this site keeps growing so that more and more people are encouraged to share thier passion for this beautiful subject.
It's a great website which lets young artists to show their talents. Another good thing is, that we can sell our art work.
MeMyArt is my favourite website to upload art work to (over facebook and deviantart). I feel my art work gets displayed to a broader audience in comparison with facebook and I feel like a valued member of the website (due to personal emails recieved from Milly) which is lacking in deviantart.


I really like the layout of the home page, especially the tiled display of user's art. This is an easy way to see new work as opposed to using just the search bar at the top. I also like the fact there is featured students and portfolios, when I was featured it increased my confidence in my art work!

The layout of my profile (with a profile picture, portfolios and thumbnails of my work) makes it easy to navigate through and see all of the work I have uploaded.

I think the categories available to fill out whilst uploading art work (description, medium, size, subject, tags etc) are useful in allowing the artist to provide succinct information to the viewers of their work (and potential buyers!).

The option to post art work on facebook and twitter is also a useful feature in getting art work more well-known and also in drawing attention to your MeMyArt profile.

I like the fact you can follow other artists and that they can follow you.


I think there needs to be easier navigation when you are viewing a piece of work to be able to go onto the next one (as opposed to having to go back to the profile and click on the next thumbnail)

It would be useful if notifications were more obvious; on facebook when another user comments on a photograph you receive a red notification at the top of the screen. A similar method would allow me to instantly see new comments, followers and inbox messages.

I have noticed some other users have re-posted my work on facebook and twitter but there is no link for me to see what they have said about it.

Overall, I think MeMyArt is a brilliant way to share art work amongst like-minded students and a great platform in getting your art work noticed! I feel like a valued member of an online community.
MeMyArt allowed me to become more open to people about my artworks. The website gave me confidence to show my talent and inspirations to the public. I am provided with the opportunity to view other's wonderful artworks, and it's a great way to appreciate art.
I think the idea of allowing students to actively create an e-portfolio whilst actively studying their current subjects is create. Although the interface of the website is very easy is navigate, I think that there is a need of more complex functions so that there is a slightly better way of organising one's portfolio and allowing many others to see it
Personally, MeMyArt is a great website that can be used for people who have an interest in art as well as students. I find the site easy to navigate through and for storing pieces of work that I want to show the community. My only concern is that there aren't many people that have signed up to it, making it quite dull.
This website is spinning the silvery thread of creativity and building a beautiful web of interconnected ideas and imagination.
MeMyArt is brilliant, it allows unique aspireing artists to share there work and become known. With it No artist is overshadowed, it provides feed back, and allows all users to know that someone has seen what they can Do.
It's a very interesting way of letting normal students share and enjoy art. I think it makes the subject more alive to be able to see what is currently being produced all over the country as supposed to simply in your area. Very accessible and easy to use, not only the members but also members of the public who arn't signed up. A fantastic way get new insparation. I love that you can write under people's pictures and give your thoughts/compliments. It's very easy in the art world to feel disheartened and that you're producing is irrelevant and unimportant. However, by having this interaction with people it pushes you to keep producing and improve your skills.
The other thing that is incredibly useful, if you are considering going into a career in art, is finding out from comments which pieces/ styles that you've produced are the most popular.
Not only this but it acts as a form of 'art facebook' so you are able to find out what your friends from art school are producing now. Overall I think the website is a brilliant idea that should continue to be adverised. Well done!
I think that this website, MeMyArt is a very good idea for us students that want to show off our work and to look at other students work and to talk about it and to sell our artwork aswell is amazing! I also love the fact that there is even a chance of winning a portfolio too! I wish that more of us art students would use it more as its a good opportunity for us to do so, so maybe advertise the website more and letting students know exactly what the MeMyArt is about as the only time and place that I knew and heard about it was from a Uni fair in London.
I honestly think that memy rt is amazing! it has enabled me to view other artists like me, get advise. show my art and feel comfortable about it. And it has now recently enabled me to sell my art, Which will hopefully help me to gain a carer in being an artist. Thank you MeMyArt. :) x
I think there could be a better message board, so you can ask more questions and see the answers frequently.
Highlight your favourite pieces of art work from other artists on the website.
I dislike how nothing ever came of the Holiday Memyart competition where we had to design a generic image for those who had not uploaded a profile picture. The site in general I love, I love the way you can display and sell work to thousands of people, all in all I like the way in which I can see Me & My Art has and is developed.
I think its a good place to build a good portfolio for students for work and university. Also i think its good to take inspiration from other work and to look at students work who are around the same age as you. And selling your work option gives a good start for students and build a name for themselves.
I think that memyart is a great way for students to share their work with each other and meet others like themselves. their can become inspired and inspire others, and develop their image as an artist through sharing and selling art work. However memyart could develop more and become create more communication between its members possibly through group projects and such. But overall I feel that memyart are great support for any up and coming artist, and is greatly recommended for any person in any field that they work in.
I think this is a website and expanding network, with the magnificent potential to expose young artists to the world of art, including buyers, sellers and other aspiring artists. As a young artist, with the simple click of a few buttons on MeMyArt, I am inspired by the talent and creativity of other members. MeMyArt is the result of a fantastic innovative idea that some clever person -with a fiery passion for art that all of us on this site share- has taken and gradually given it life, making use of the powerful, prosperous and plentiful invention: the internet!
I personally believe that memyart is a great resource, and im ever so glad that I came across it I love looking at other peoples work, and comparing it to my own, it inspires me and motivates me to execute the best possible work I can. What I really like about mymyart and why I signed up in the first place was the browsing aspect of the website, I am able to look through hundreds of portfolios if I wanted to, and see what standard’s I have to live up to in my work, as an A-level applied student im constantly aware of what other people are producing, and want to push myself to produce work which is either on par or better. Other aspects I like about memyart is the function to add personal statements, sell work, connect with Facebook, keep your portfolio private I can also mention my portfolio link in the end of my personal statement, for university next year when I apply so they can take a look at the work I produce. I love the organisation and layout of the website as it’s incredibly easy to manoeuvre around the website. Features I feel you can pick up on perhaps adding a print option in the sell your art section similarly to deviant art, and one tedious feature of the website is when I click on somebody’s portfolio to look through the pictures, I enlarge an image to see it in detail, I don’t want to constantly click the back button to view all the artwork, I’d like to simply click on the work to move to the image in the folio.
Been so impressed with the diverse and open nature ofthe site. The artwork is accessible and the community of people for a person who doesn't get an artistic conversation frequently (if ever) is absolutely stunning, getting feedback from practicing artists like myself is great! Finally after a long time of waiting, I finally feel part of a community of like minded people that share their flare for art and are willing to enhance your skills and test your opinions through their own experiences in the art world. The site is also very easy to get around and find what you looking for, which is great for a site that is all about the art and the artists that make them!
I believe MeMyArt is a good way for students to exhibit their artwork and receive feedback from peers that are from the same age group. Although I believe MeMyArt is a good way for young artists to improve, I find MeMyArt to be slightly lacking in people, activity, and competition. In contrast to Deviantart, MeMyArt doesn't have forum posts nor competitions artists can take part in to test their abilities. Although I have these views about MeMyArt, I still find it a good site to see the kind of artwork High School Students are producing in order to achieve their goal in art.
I think that MeMyArt is good because it allows students to get their work out there to be noticed. We have the opportunity to see what work students are produceing so if we find someone we like we can follow them and comment on their work, that way if we want to know how they have created something they could let you know. This then allows students to maybe teach each other. MeMyArt also gives us the opportunity to sell our work if we wish to, again help us get recognised or earn money as we work.
MeMyArt is an amazing website that was a fantastic help when contacting writers and others about art projects, as all my artwork, current and past, were at my fingertips and stored in one place. It used to be difficult to have to send through one image after another to a client or a university, but with MeMyArt, sharing my ideas and my best artwork was easy and quickly done. I joined the site when I was 17, and I would advise anyone who is interested in or studying art of the same age to join too. I became a featured member and also had my portfolio featured in the second week that I joined the site, and the administrators were so kind and supportive in my attempts to become known for my art online. Being appreciated by Milly and the team gave me a boost of confidence, and I even have this accomplishment on my CV as an important piece of information. MeMyArt is a truly positive and interesting site that brings artists together of all ages, and gives a first step into the art world for students everywhere!
MeMyArt has multiple portfolios and good support for selling artwork
After seeing a poster advertising MeMyArt at school, I was inspired. After constantly searching for a place for me as a student to display my work and appreciate the work of others, I had finally found the perfect website!
MeMyArt is an amazing place for students all around to come together and display their work. I really love that you can so easily comment on other peoples work to give your advice and appreciation. My most favourite thing about MeMyArt is the fact it is just for students. This is good because you get to keep up with all the work that others your age are producing. It is also great as a source of inspiration as well as a place to chat and become friends with others in the same point in education as yourself.
I struggle to think of any possible bad points about the website, but If I would have to say anything, it would be the lack of a forum. With the addition of a forum it would be a great oppourtunity to discuss art together with other students as a group.
Overall, MeMyArt is an amazing oppourtunity to display your work to other students, the website is nicely set out and it is easy to leave comments, add work and post blogs. And though I havent used the feature yet, the sell option is a fantastic idea and I am sure I will be visiting it very soon!
I think MeMyArt is excellent. I am a young artist and I really want my art to be visible to the public in as many different ways possible, and MeMyArt has really helped me in this. I am thinking of using the new feature to sell my artwork online. I would definitely recommend this website to any one interested in art. Thank you MeMyArt for an outstanding service! :)
memyart is the best website i have ever use!!!!
It is easy to uplaod and organise your work on Memyart [easier than on DeviantArt for example]. It also encourages interaction between all users of the site. The roster of Home page features helps keep the site alive. Memyart is also always progressing, feeding in new ideas and features [such as the recent introduction of Buy/Sell]. The site keeps in touch with users which is another good feature..
Easy access to tonnes of work, getting ideas for own work, students have a sense of pride when others look at their work!
I think the website is amazing although a wee bit bland and i struggle using it on my netbook (as it's smaller than regular screen size) other than that, it's a great site to show off my artwork and also to regulate my progress in skills i obtain :)
MeMy Art is a great way of sharing Art to the World. I like that it is student based and that you can see work from other students! Only one negative point, I personally don't like all the E-mails i get sent from MeMyArt, I know its there and its great, but my E-mails are for staying in contact with friends, not to be reminded of certain websites, Cheers btw :)
I really think it is a fantasitic website for students. Its very simple and basic to upload works and put them up for sale and in seperate portfolios. However i feel that the payment for things on for sale should be improved. So we pay directly to the person online. It woild be more sufficient. Also i think it would be better if MeMyArt had there own shop where we could buy packaging equipment for the goods on sale? Maybe.
I love the opportunity to be able to show my artwork quickly and simply to other people mostly on my age group who are geniounly interested and others artwork I have looked at have been inspiring for my own pieces.
I'd like to be able to see a wider range if art, maybe modern day artists who are breaking through into the art world.
I love memyart as I had my work hidden for ages and when I found out about it I was really happy that I can share my work. At start I though that memyart was just a simple website to publish your work, but I was wrong.. I love it and visit it cauple times a week as im able to see other peoples work and even sometimes get inspired by it! :)
A unique oppertunity for any artist to showcase their work, something that has never before been so proffessional, quick and easy making the entrance into the art world open for everyone. Top notch!
uploading work is too difficult (more difficult than facebook) so I find myself drawn to other sites.
It is unclear how to get your work featured.
Perhaps not proffesional enough, if i am to be selling my work I would like to know people other than students visit the site.
Interesting idea however.
Well i believe that it is a really great idea to share students work without the top photographers in the world making other users photographs or artwork seem bad. But i think that it doesn't get enough coverage/ not enough people know about the website. If more people knew about the website more artwork would get sold which helps the artist and provides a good helpful service to the general public specially as they know that the work has come from students and will really help them out. I think you could expand the website to include videos and cinematography, so provide more types of creative hobbies. Thanks Elliott
MeMyArt makes me feel like a real artist as my work can be veiwed by many people and it makes me feel proud to put my work on display on this site, It's friendly, inviting and praising which is perfect for me as a student as I usually feel quite self concious about seeing peoples reactions. I also love the fact that I can find inspiration from others and see the achievements of other people I find inspiring. The addition to help sell artwork is also fantastic as I have always wondered how to go about putting my work up for sale. Thankyou MeMyArt for giving everyone an opportunity!
me my art is a fantastic site enabling students like me to show my work off to the outer public and even allowing us to sell pieces of had helped me to explore different avenues of work reflecting on other peoples fantastic work.memyart has enabled me to have my work commisioned many poeople interested in my work.
The thing I enjoy most is seeking inspiration from fellow artists that are current. As I'm early on in my art career it's very inspiring and motivational to witness fellow artist's development and growth from their old to new pieces, on this very website!
MeMyArt is a great site for students it gives us oppurtunities we usually don't have and to follow and be inspired by otehr artists.
My art teacher showed me MeMyArt and told me how to use it. MeMyArt is an amazing way to share Art work to friends, famliy and Art colleges. I find it useful for keeping all my work in one place and looking at other peoples work to get inspiration! I would highly recommend it to ALL art students. There is nothing bad to say about the site.
I think it's an excellent way of keeping in touch with all other art students to see their latest works and allow them to view yours.
Absolutely awesome, I am about to use it really seriously and see if i can sell things. Adding selling to the website had made it 100 times better and I can't wait to start!
I really liked MeMyArt after I attended a UCAS event where they had a stand, I like the social asspect of it, as it makes talking about peoples art work more friendly. It's like facebook for artists! It's very easy to use, the only thing that's a negative is that universities won't accept it as an e portfolio, but I hope that this changes as it's so much better then any other form of e portfolio i've had to send off.
I think it's a great website and I like the fact that I am now able to sell my artwork, that was exactly what I was looking for to make some extra money!
I think MeMyArt is kind of brilliant really - a whole website focussed on letting any art student display their work and then getting feedback, and being allowed to use it for free! It's amazing, and perfect for a student like me. It's easy to use and you can be as creative as you possibly can, and upload any work you like. As Rilke says 'Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night', I feel that's how MeMyArt is - every user on here is growing, developing and blooming into the best artist they can be. I love MeMyArt and would recommend it to any art student in the world, if I could. Thank You.
I think it's an amazing place to upload your art. Its inspirational and when people comment on your work it's motivating. It's everything you need as a young artist. MeMyArt is simple. I'd definitely recommend it!
It inspires you because you can view artwork from a huge range of different people that you may never come across normally.
I believe that it is a great opertunity for students to show and share their work. Howvever, personaly I find it difficult doing so. I would love an smartphone app to be made allowing me to take a quick photo on my phone and upload it straight away. Making it quick and easy, and also i can continue building up my proflie on the go :)
Memyart is an vast exhibition space for students and practitioners alike. Its a great opportunity to upload your creative musings while witnessing what others have to say visually. Memyart is a stage for all creatives to get there work out there and celebrate the fact that we're arty and we love it!
its really good to see what other younge artist are shareing and seeing the difference in their work and how they progress , being in year 8 at school it is nice to see what all the gcse and a level students are doing , it gives me ideas for the future and i find it intresting to see how they develop their ideas and what their strong and weak points are ,it is inspirational to me personaly .
I have not been on memyart for a month or so because ,not being in the higher years i am not doing my exams and their for am not always doing work that is that representable since i am only practising and doodleing and working rough rather than doing as i said presentable work but when i get older and do my exams and corse studys ect. then i will be on the website regulaly and i think the website could give maybe tips with art work and once a mounth put a top ten of the ART on the site so others can see what people are really doing so that it is not hidden away in their profil xx
I do believe i would enjoy MeMyArt more if I could understand and navigate it easily like deviantart or other art sharing websites. It does seem like a brilliant website and I would love to use it, if I could understand how it works better.
Memyart is great for buying portfolios but the user controls and layout aren't as up to scratch of the kind on deviant art and Flickr, the website needs a more clear and distinct style to engage users.
I think it's a good way to get your artwork out, like heart agency or any other illustration site. It also appears to be great inspiration for a pre-university student like myself because you can also see competition and it helps you to understand that.
I would love to start using MeMyArt, I think the concept is brilliant, and I prefer it to DeviantArt -- it's the perfect way of showing people my work, getting constructive critisism, and a great opportunity to sell. I don't know how it keeps passing me by! I will be using much more of MeMyArt once my studies mellow out :)
I love it and surely will upload some pieces of my art when I will feel ready.
On the other hand, I am quite sad that there isn't a version of MeMyArt in my country. I am from Romania, there are lots of talented people here, in many areas, but we do not have many places where to promote these kind of things.
I have many friends that work with art, and I would be more than glad to help you expand if this is an important thing to you as it would be for me here. I tell you! You would be so big here!
Even if I am writing this at your contest, I am serious. If you would like to take this into your consideration, I would be more than glad to have a more serious discussion.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Diana Arghirescu
It's so accessible that I cry tears of happiness. What a lovely community, what a good cause!
MeMyArt is afantastic way of getting your artwork out there. I have been able to tell universitys about my memyart page so they can see the work that i do. Most of my friends have also joined me art, its good way to keep up to date on what they are doing to. Its the best free student art network out there.
I felt that MeMyArt was good and helpful for a portfolio however, i felt that it was hard to use sometimes and it wasn't very pleasing to the eye. I also feel that it should be something which all art students at college should have, and it should be used more often.
I love it, its amazing I love how I can see other students art and look at all there pieces and know that I can keep mine private its brilliant plus I can sell my art which gives me an awesome bonus
It's an exciting visual atmosphere. It doesn't demand much. Anyone with a hunger for art and a passion to share it is welcome. It's a great way to share and find vast artistic cultures. It integrates neatly into existing social networks, providing seamless connectivity.
I feel that memyart is a really good way to share ideas, get inspiration and help other with there art work. I think you need to spend some time looking around the website to underhand it and get the best use of the website and all it has to offer, I think that some of the website should be make clearer on the homepage and I think that the website should have a 'people you may know' page from the area you are located, I think this will help people with their art work and I it's people thy are local then you may be able to hate places that you find inspiring and therefore help them :)
I think MeMyArt is great i absolutely love it, i have ordered a portfolio form it a while ago for my interviews and it is aboslutley amazing quality that I'm using it a lot for other work and not just for my interviews! Also I'm planning on uploading some of my own art work soon as I'm still currently working on it.I always read the emails I get from MeMyArt because i want to be kept up to date with the website about new things. lastly i want to thank MeMyArt for the updates and for the great quality portfolios as well as this survey, please keep me up to date! :)
I thought me my art could be an exciting thing to help store my p[ortfolio on but the problem was that i found the upload speed took far too long and i heard that it entitles memyart some legal rights to my images which i believe should only be for me
I think it's a wonderful concept and really beneficial for art students today, who are responsible for generating their own publicity and interest in their work. My only problem is that I already have a blog on Wordpress which I use as a personal and public journal, documenting my progress on the foundation course, and so I feel I would have to duplicate everything and am unsure whether this would really make a difference to my practice. Having just found out that it's possible to sell one's work on MeMyArt though, I feel much more likely to become an active user and try and make the most of the site.
I think MeMyArt is a great way yonder what other students are producing and to share your work. I like the fact you can follow and comment on other users.
The overall look of the website I think could be improved to give a more professional look. Also to give your page a different look to others it woul be great to be able to change the look yourself .
Exploring art in the broadest sense, connecting with other people with similar art interests and similar artistic talents. Looking for inspiration and discovering new fresh styles.
I love the home page, that the pictures constantly change so it's easy to look at people's work and just let something catch your eye. It's great to students work from all over. I've just found out you can sell your work which is great that somewhere is providing a outlet for students to sell there work, it would also be really good for someone to find work to buy if they were into buying students work particular, without having to go to a degree show.
I think that MeMyArt is a wonderful website for those who are interested in art, be it, studying it for a degree or just a hobbie. Its great that you can view others work and comment. Its like a social networking site for art freaks.
I think it would be better if there was active talent scouts who can pick and choose the next up coming artists. Even hold online exhibitions where those with accounts can showcase there work on a official sort of level.
Memyart should approach art colleges and ask them to create a session where students can create their accounts on Memyart and upload their works.
I think the idea/concept of the website is great. But i think it would be alot better if it was easier to use (kind of like tumblr, just not being able to reblog things) and if it was aimed for more that art students. So people who just enjoy artwork can just use the website too, to show what they like to do in their free time.
I think the idea/concept of the website is great. But i think it would be alot better if it was easier to use (kind of like tumblr, just not being able to reblog things) and if it was aimed for more that art students. So people who just enjoy artwork can just use the website too, to show what they like to do in their free time.
Its reet good like
I've not really been on MeMyArt much as I have been busy doing work for exams and haven't had much time to upload work. However, I like the idea that I can upload my work onto one site in preparation for future interviews, so I'll definitely consider using it more in the future :)
I can look some really good pieces of art!
It's good, and I can see the idea behind it.
It is just fairly new, so not many people are on it, as well as it being quite empty.
The thing why I don't really go on it much, is because I'm very active on deviantart already, so it's a bit double for me now.
I also have my own wordpress-site, which is more professional for universities and companies and the like. I do, however like the idea, and I wish I was more devoted to upload each and every work I've made, but I just don't have the time and effort to do it. I'm lazy I guess. But then again: every student is. ;) haha!

Keep up the good work though! You'll get there in the end, just keep having faith, and keep trying new things.
It is a good place to share your artwork with other people that have the same artistic interest
MeMyArt is a great platform to showcase and sell your own work. I would use it more often if the layout and navigation was improved.
I really like the way art can be grouped together in folders and the be viewed in detail individually, this helps an artist sculpt the way that their art is viewed which I think it is brilliant- it's like going to a gallery. I do think however that if the art uploaded is only a few pieces it is difficult to show it off in the best way as folders have to be gone through and the portfolio just looks unfinished.
a great opportunity to show your art, network other artists and a good starting place for art students
MeMyArt is a great place for new artist to show their work and hopefully get recognized! I love the 'featured students' section on the homepage and all the latest image uploads - it gives you a chance to see art that you probably otherwise wouldn't have found. It's really rewarding when someone gives positive feedback on your work, and the opportunity to sell artwork is great. It really is a great platform for students, but looking at the other pictures on MeMyArt there's quite a bit of competition! Thank you for building a site which makes it easy for students to share their work and get inspiration from others.
i think this is great way for Art sudents to show off their art and talent. :)
MeMyArt is one of the best websites for artists. Whatever art you do from graphics to fine art there is someone you can follow and get inspiration from. MeMyArt offers a wide range on there website weather you want get your name out there receive advise on your work or even go and sell your art. For me as a student moving into university this website has helped me with my own work and build a portfolio to the standards of the people out there.
I think its a great idea, allowing students to connect with one another! one of the most important things for the progression of your own work is to look at others and MeMyArt makes that possible. Also offering regular chances to win portfolios and getting them cheaper is fantastic as art os such an expensive subject which can stop people pursuing their passion, MeMyArt make it possible for students to shine :)
I think it's great how you can connect with other people to create new, exciting work. I'm able to track all of my friends and see any new work they are producing. It's also a good way to stay in contact with my old teachers and college. I also like how I've got an instant, ready made online portfolio to present to universities and potential job applications.
You spelled use wrong on question two.
the good thing about MeMyArt is that you get to upload all your art work online and let other people see it world wide. they can also give critic on your work, which is helpful. And you get to see other students works that studying from different courses.
i can't think of a bad thing to say, since its kind of similar to the social network such as flicker or facebook
MeMyArt is very useful for me to upload my Art and even more useful as there are many art students who are on the website like we can share each others ideas and feedbacks on each other's work, these feedbacks will be very helpful for us to improve our work. Thank you to whoever created MeMyArt, cause its a very good website.
MeMyArt is a very good website in which enables many students from across the nation to share ideas and work with one another. In my personal opinion, I believe MeMyArt should be more widely advertised as it could possibly change and develop students way of working across the curriculum and education. By creating this network and community of artists, it helps to give students feedback upon their artwork raising self-esteem and developing upon ideas, making them achieve and produce the very best artwork in which they can! Helping them to further achieve their goals and dreams within life and inparticularly the artworld! Thank you
discovered the site at Ucas day event, friendly people on the stand done it for me, nice spending time with them and the stand was eye catching I will recomend it to all my friends.
MeMyArt is the best website to upload your work not just because thousands of students use it but mainly due to the fact that we have access to other people artwork. This doesn't just serve as inspiration but also to demonstrate that sometimes we are not the only one that struggle. As a media student I don't exactly have the skills to create an amazing painting and seeing what artists do has really inspired me, whether that's a photograph, painting or a drawing. Another really good thing about MeMyArt is that we can buy other artists creations, opening a lot of doors within the industry.
It's a brilliant idea for connecting students and artists and I recommend it to everyone I can, but I do find some aspects of it a bit difficult to deal with, for example I can't seem to find a way of editing all the details of my pictures that isn't a slow process (I mean that I find myself writing everything into one and then having to go back to the portfolio get to the next photo, instead of being able to edit them all in one set) I hope that makes sense! I was also thinking it might be helpful if the website could suggest to you people you might want to follow based on what kind of work you make/who you already follow? All in all I am really pleased with it and would like to continue to be a part of it.
It's about time that a website was created without the hideous advertisments, and finally about just the artwork. Simple way to upload stuff and can't wait for it to get big, just lacking the numbers, but I think I like the way its unknown by some of my mates.
I like you can get creative critcism and help to build confidence to make you the artist that you can be. The bad side is I'm not to sure how to work te website but that's probably just down to me. But overall memyart prepares me fr the real world of good and bad criticism put there
I think MeMyArt is a jumble. It has art in a lot of different forms which makes it so interesting, it's also open to people who want to show off their skills or just want to make an impression and even if you have little self-esteem you feel safe knowing that others probably think the same way and even if one person doesn't like the art you create there is always someone on MeMyArt who appreciates it completely.
MeMyArt has many incredible opportunities for students to share their art work and pull inspiration from one another. It is also a great way to make money especially for art students who invest the most-financially- on paints, the appropriate pencils, brushes and similar.
art is a language which does not discriminate, it connects people in a way nothing else can, it is ubiquitous, yet still precious to us .. anything which promotes such an ideal is worth its weight in gold .... thank you MeMyArt !
MeMyArt is good because it is a great tool for artists to interact and bounce ideas off each other, since this site is strictly for art and artists, you don't get all the crap you get from social net working sites, i didn't know how to successfully upload my art work, so that i could see it and know its up there, i should use it more, i need to.
I Think they have a good link with students as I found out about memyart at a uni fair place. The prices are amazing as my A1 portfolio was pretty much half the price of a decent portfolio anywhere else and is top quality. Can't complain really! I recommend this website to all arty students, I will definitly be using it again :)
I believe that MeMyArt is an excellent way for young people to share their creative work and passion for art with like-minded people. It also offers users to gain valuable inspiration from others' work and an insight into the innovative functioning of other young artists' minds which allows them to develop artistically.
A great way of bringing the student comunity together.
It is a really good way to show some of your best work off to other art students that are doing courses related to your work and they can give constructive criticism. Because it's so popular with art students around the UK, it's becoming a more and more used site, which can make your own work become more well known!
I think its easy to navigate and understand, I find a lot of similarities to deviant art and this helps me to understand how to upload my artwork (which I seriously need to get round to doing)
I think Once I have finished college, I'll definitely have the time to use MeMyArt to the full.
I think its the perfect tool for someone trying to get started in the creative world, even those who aren't going on to further education.
I think MeMyArt as an exciting , innovative way to showcase ones work. It is also very user friendly as it keeps it's users updated/ interested about new exciting aspects of the community.
MeMyArt is fab, it lets ME show MY ART :o)
MeMyArt is a place where i can put my work to show other arty people, instead of getting covered in dust on top of my wardrobe.
Next year i'll be taking art, textiles and design-tec-textiles so a portfolio would be fab.
Also you could have a vote for best art peice every week, and have a wall of fame for all the winners and runners up :D
Me my art is an excellent web site - I need to keep up with upload my work to i.

It give you an idea of what others around are doing following trends etc and also gives you an insite into what people from your proc[ective unis are doing
Me my art is an excellent web site - I need to keep up with upload my work to i.

It give you an idea of what others around are doing following trends etc and also gives you an insite into what people from your prospective unis are doing
I think MeMyArt is a great way of sharing your art work with other students online. I didn't know I could link MeMyArt up to my Flickr before this survey. I've been putting off uploading work onto my account but I think this way it would be much easier. If any of my University interviews required an online portfolio, I would have defiantly used this site for my work. I reccomend it to anyone who wants a safe and easy way to sell their art work or get it out there!
MeMyArt, serves us all a daily nagging reminder that it 'may just well' be an outlet for artists to unleash unique greatness upon everyone else, the only problem arrives with who"everyone else" is, and do they really care? The impression i get is that this is an ego-boosting-show-off affair, maybe i'm wrong, and maybe the confidence gained for some is a genuine response of an otherwise wasting talent, I really do hope this is more often the story. In terms of when MeMyArt tell us we can sell our work through them, i again find little point in this exercise! I don't believe it is really offering young or amateur artists a pathway into how things are actually done, the glamour of the gimmick is exciting and adrenaline inducing for some. I feel this project is 'handy' appose to a 'must have' for up and coming artists, we can see the competition, but unhelpfully we can't really because it's fairly unlikely that absolutely everyone we are ever likely to come across in our professional careers are even on MeMyArt. We can judge ourselves on the probably poor showing of some artwork on display and feel nice for a little while, it's a nice idea which i imagine will soon become a 'must do' in terms of networking, and i will sign up now in wait for that time, as it stands though whenever MeMyArt send an email it proves more in the line of a joke than anything else. Having said that i've never properly given MeMyArt a chance, these are more a series of sour opinions from somebody stood outside
I feel it is a positive way for students to express and share their artwork. It's also a great opertunity for young artists to get noticed by buyers and sellers alike. It just sucks when you have no artwork to post! Must get to work on this :)
I feel that it is a great way for students to share and express their work with other people of a similar age. It is also a good way to get inspiration from other pieces! It is a good way for students to get noticed by buyers and sellers alike. It just sucks when you don't have any work to send in! Must get to work on this :) (you may have had a response like this from me previously but my phone messed up my response and details! Sorry!)
I think MeMyArt is a fantastic idea and is a great opportunity for all young aspiring artists, especially now that we have the option to sell our artwork. I haven't used the site for very long but I think when I have more free time I will use it more frequently and upload a lot of my current work and sell it over the website.
MeMyArt is a great website to showcase all students' art, and also has great prices for a portfolio which I have bought at A1 size for all my university interviews. I have not been let down one bit! Having an A2 portfolio would be even better because I would have a portfolio that is travel-sized, and with that, I could go to job interviews. MeMyArt has just started out, but it's going very well and will soon make a big name for itself! Good Luck to all entries!!
Ithink MeMyArt is a really good website because all art students from around the world can have the opportunity to upload thier artwork and sell them at great prices it can also be a great chatting site so people can get to know others so on the whole I would recommend memyart to friends, family etc.
Me my art is a way to share and find inspiration. Its a way to bring people together through the core love of art. Fantabulous
I think MeMyArt, is a great idea, I think there's certainly developments to be made though. For starters, I joined MeMyArt, because I knew I could use it for online portfolios for University, although when online portfolios were requested, they already had methods they wanted to be used, such as through power point directly to them, or on blogspot and so on and so forth. So I never ended up needing MeMyArt, and then unfortunately I've just never had the time to actually update it and get involved in my account. Which I feel is a shame because although I could upload pictures and such onto facebook or flickr or deviant art, none of those sites have a community in which it focuses on the art as a collection and portfolio. I like how this site also focuses on the aspect of students, and I find that actual artwork shared on MeMyArt, is much closer to the art I see around me, compared to the pop culture and hobbyist work often shared on sites such as deviantArt ect. it's of a deeper level. I do believe that developments will happen naturally over time and MeMyArt will be even more successful.
I think that it is a very good site for beginners to get noticed and to share their work. It is very easy to use and fun in doing so. I think that it could have a bit more colour as it is a bit dull. But overall it is a very good and fun site to use.
Being able to compliment others who have a creative flair and see the many different styles of art work with selective media. The site can be an excellent way to advertise your skills and get the feed back as well as making contacts with other people who work in the creative art industry.
Great website but lacking customization.
i think that memyart is fantastic, looking at the work on this site has inspired me we with my college work, i really enjoy seeing my work being show to the world
Think its a really good idea that helps you get inspiration and ideas. Also has great offers on portflios.
MeMyArt is a great way for other artists to not only share their own artwork but to meet new people with similar interests that they have. I believe it has more of a 'social interaction' that DeviantART doesn't. Plenty of my friends who have MeMyArt account met others who also hold accounts and have become great friends. Not only that but I feel looking at some of the art others upload also inspires me and helps me and possibly others to get out of art-blocks and to persevere. I feel like the site can grow and that's what it is on the road to doing.
MeMyArt is a brilliant idea especially as many uni's are asking for portfolios by way of the internet, What also good is it is very clear and easy to use, making a portfolio with an actual folder can get rather disorganised but this website really helps.
My personal thanks = )
I like the idea of the site, obviously there are loads of sites already doing this.your site however aims itself at the target audience of students.
Things you might want to think about though;
Whats stoping more experienced artists from posing as young talent?

Why not add script plugins so that adds to not appear for frequent users?
Most the people using your site are young and artisitic, why not have a CSS style that reflexs this, if you want to make it big, you have to do somthing different, red and white is such a safe color scheme, you need to grab peoples attention, do somthing crazy. Make the site a 3D map that people can interact with, like all the new gen sites are doing, or at least make things change color with an hover when they mouse over them, anything!

Put the adds on the side, but not in with the artwork, we are teenagers, we ALL know how advertising works, and it will just annoy us if we give somone money by clicking on them by accident, opening another tab, we dident want.

The background on is much nicer than a white background, thats not just my opinion, textured backgrounds suggest professionalism, this would help the artists and your site.

Smoother input fields would also help your appearence, yours look out dated, they need to have rounded corners.

Your logo is too small on the header.

Think about doing somthing like, making your logo or another feature an image as well as a dropdown menu, instead of having the dropdown menu on its own.

Again there is not enough sub-sections in your art sections at all. What about sections for genres of work, maybe you will not like the idea, but manga artwork as well as sci-fi, realism, fantasy, fan-art and charater artwork ARE the sub-sections that will be searched the most, if you include them.

The way, a user must pick a section in the dropdown menu then click search thats twice as long as just clicking a link.(or just make it so it drops down with a hover)

Why in the world do you not have a forum? were you have compitions, people can look for work, converse about art, politics, student life and work on projects?

An IRC would also keep the traffic on your site, as well as comment sections, which you cannot censore, teenagers are mostly liberal and we support anonymous and freedom of speech, things would not go down well if you started deleting off topic comments, swearing and trolling.This is part of the socail culture of ar generation.

Other social media aspects that would increase traffic and keep people online for longer, while getting them more productive for work on the site is a groups section.

Throw in a random art feature, like wikipedias "random artical" feature.

You could also use the new and very popular promtional style , show by the pirate bay, were one artist is spotlighted for a number of days on the front page.This would modivate people to become top artists on the site.

God there is loads of things you guys could do, Im not botherd thinking of them all! Dont try to hard though, we are all of the Tech age, in shure most people who did this survey know, that there is no 100 pounds reward and that is false bait. But I like to help for free, because thats what the world is about!
hope this helps people! and I hope your site becomes sucessfull! Then you can travel around the world, go to places that are really cheep and make money 24/7 from the monetary generations on your site! You pricks thats what I want to do LOL! have to finish school first I guess!
MeMyArt is one of thousands of currently emerging "online-gallery" style websites, all with the ability to sell artwork, network with other artists, and build up a portfolio. So with this in mind MeMyArt must be radically different or offer something that has not been done before successfully, something like offering a physical exhibition, a residency or something that will benefit the art community, rather than MeMyArt's pockets.
i love me my art simply because i get to show off my work, even work that i thought was rubbish. This site has given me the confidence to show my work to others and to be proud of it
The encouragement that MeMyArt gives to students in art and design, makes this site such a success and fuel for creativity in such a challenging practise :)
i think that MeMyArt is a brilliant site, it lets me look at other styles of art done by other people my age, and by looking at others work i can see where i can improve on my own work, i think the site could be a little easier to navigate but it is usually good to work with, i would recomend to all of my friends going into art.
I think it's really brilliant and easy to use. The idea behind it is very clever, I know some students don't like posting to sites such as DeviantART as it is filled with incredibly talented, older individuals and it can be difficult to navigate. MeMyArt is a lot more comfortable for young people that are still learning and searching for their own individual style.
The site is good for ideas and inspiration, as well as allowing me to see work from other people of a similar age to me.
I really love memyart, I dont have any art work uploaded, but I bought an a1 portfolio and it's was such good value for the price!! Will deifnately continue with this site!
I think that MeMyArt is a wondeful website, with many opportunites to meet new people, and develop new ideas by seeing their work. I think it is very easy to use, and very user-friendly. Also, I like the fact that emails are sent to people to encourage them to use the website etc.
Personally, I do not use it a lot, since I am a GCSE Art student, and I think that MeMyArt should make a specific area for GCSE students (from the same age group).
Also, I think that the layout of the website needs to be improved, perhaps a bit more colours and creativity?
Thank you very much for inviting me to participate in this survey.
I think the concept of the website is really good and the aim to students to be able to manage their portfolios. I just wish there was more interaction between students like a forum or a method of people to discuss their work and have feedback. I find that noone gives anyone any feedback, it's like a mute art school. You can't improve without critique or comments. Just that if you don't know anyone on the site its hard to actual become noticed in the memyart community.

There are good things about the site, the way of managing your portfolios it is alot more simple than deviantart's way of organising files, memyart is superior to deviantart for this reason.

I think it would be a lot more interactive if there were like artist opportunities being posted up like open calls, residences, exhibitions open nights and just things that will generate a community.
I think MeMyArt is pretty awesome, I think it benefits some people If they need digital evidence of atrwork that could have been lost
I think the website is good a little confusing but good, The only reason i didn't use it was because i don thave enough time to upload peices of art.
It's a site that isn't just a site for art students it is beneficial for anyone who enjoys art , I just joined at a uni fair thinking nothing of it but it's been a huge help and I would reccomend it to anyone.
Great idea,needs some fine-tuning.
MeMyArt is a website which encourages debate and review of art work in a social medium. With work being available to be looked upon by anyone, the points of view will differ to the ones we normally encounter, thus enabling a new concept to potentially form. It is possible to Inspire from other artists on MeMyArt as well, this is extremely useful in developing as an artist.
I think MeMyArt is an island where students of many ages go to live and create beautiful pieces of artwork which they then put into little glass bottles (depending on the size of the work) and they leave them to float of into sea so that one day someone, somewhere will see their magnificent creation.
My Art, is a good opportunity for the Art industry, weather you are a Fine artist, Graphic Designer or a part of Fashion. You are able to view your friends and other people's art work. For a beginner of the art industry it gets your work seen, which gives me the opportunity to see what other artists think of my work. This is a good way or critiquing my work, getting other people's views and seeing what can by influence from other artists work.
I really like the concept of the website, and that it gives students to get there work seen even before they have finished studding. I also like the fact that you can sell your work as at a young age it is not practical to have your work exhibited, and it is difficult to show people what you can do. MeMyArt is a good starting place for young artists to sell there work and this money can helps fund future projects.
The thing I don't like about me my are is that due to the fact that a lot of my work is 3D, it is difficult to choose just one photo of the product, as a lot of the time from different angles you see different features of the designs; and this has put me off selling my pieces as I feel the customer will not be able to see everything, and so will not want to pay as much as they possibly would if they could see it all more clearly.
I also find the process of listing the artwork for sale a almost impossible task and after about twenty minuets searching how to do this I gave up
Overall i think the site has a very good concept and with a few tweaks it could be excellent
its a very good way for young artist, photographers, designers to communicate and share work.
its excellent, I'm just not very confident, no other reason :)
I'm a dinosaur rar.... Send me £100 and I won't lay eggs
I think that MeMyArt is a great way for student artist to showcase their work and also put forward comments and advice for other people. i have an account on MeMyArt but have currently not uploaded any of my work but i will be doing soon. I think that the value of portfolio is great and hope to purchase one. I will be telling me fellow art students about this website and get them to sign up.
This website sounds like a new, easy and efficant way to store, organise and display my best pieces of art. Having never used it or even tried to, I wouldnt know where to start but after researching it a little more and finding out which of my other art friends know about or use it, I would gladly switch from using Facebook and Flickr and convert my pictures onto MeMyArt.
Haven't really got into it yet (bit of a technophobe!) but i just bought a portfolio which I am very pleased with at a very good price and I like that you can sell your work on here, its a good website :)
I think MeMyArt is a really good Art website idea. It shows off your work in a fantastic, professional manner. This is a good way to see how well your work flows and it's a good way to see all of your work together professionally and it's an easy fast way to view other's.
When I went to the design your future conference in December at London olympia, I signed up for this website. At the time I didn't really have much information about it and, as a result, have never really looked into it. After reading this survey and finding out the features there are, it is definitely something I will be looking into further. One particular feature that appealed to me was keeping artwork private, as at first it can be nerve wracking having other people see your work. Thank you for providing this site and I hope to join it soon.
I think its a brilliant website, but I don't use it much because I don't have much to upload. I'll probably use it more when I'm at uni.
Pretty good site, a range of options to do!
not much of my friends are using this website, and people are quite reserved with their art work- by that I mean there are only a few art work on their sites/ they would use it for a temporary site.
To improve- do more advertisement or spread it round on facebook for more attention, and make the site more simple really
hope this helps! :)
Thoughtful website with all art practitioners and students in mind. Has the potential to be as awesome as Chuck Norris. THAT awesome!
Looking at other peoples creative ventures really inspires me to carry on and never give up
Good- It's great how the website is really easy and simple to navigate, no matter what type of art you want to look at! The options are clear and the low prices of the portfolios are well advertised and easy to see.
Bad- In my opinion, the homepage could be improved by a little more colour and less clutter, just so it looks more appealing! :)
The art is beautiful that is posted, and the ease to make portfolios makes everything seem and feel much easier. However, it sometimes feels that my work is not getting as much viewing as I wish.
I don't really have an opinion on MeMyArt I haven't spent enough time with it
I think meandmyart is a fantastic gateway to portray my work, i am an upcoming designer, photographer and artist and i am interested to know all of the different ways in which to showcase my work as best i can with a great response. I also like meandmyart because they keep me in the loop, send me emails but not junk and have offered me help when they have realised that i am not using my account to its full potential!! xx
I don't really use me-my-art very much as I forgot I was a member. I tend to use my Facebook group page to advertise all my artwork. I like the layout of the site but unfortunately its not easy to work my way around this site. I was unaware that you can advertise your work through me-my-art so therefore I hope to be using more of this site in the future. To improve me-my-art I would recommed advertising it more throughout social networking sites such as Facebook and flicr. I would also suggest changing the format of the website to make it easy to use.
i love going on memyart because when i see art i get creative and relaxed
it is never a dull day when in the morning i go on my favorite website memyart
i enjoy showing succesful art work to my friends and other people but mostly to learn new thing and new styles from others and i think there is no bad things about memyart because i always see it as one word 'perfect'. I love memyart and i will forever even when ill die it will still be in the middle of my heart .
I love the fact that users are able to sell their work, it gives a real boost into industry and getting your name out there. Sharing work with others is also really great as you can gain ideas from new people. Ultimately it's a helpful space to store work convinently.
I think me my art is a great way to get noticed as a student artist, it can be hard at the best of times to gain recognition for a particularly impressive piece you've been working on for a while and the only down point is that I didn't find out about it sooner!
It's too east to take art off your site which is why i's never use it.
pretty damn good :) top class
Great idea, needs more branding, maybe a re-branding. People like to use easy services with multiple uses.
I have not used MeMyArt to sell my art yet but intend to asap, now that I know I can, thank you.
It allows me to view other people's art work and what inspires them, thus inspiring me too. It's also a good way to find and interact with people with the same style/likes as you do.
It's not grey enough.
Sounds great just havent been on it yet n thought i could do with £100 which reminds me of a saying i heard earlier today it went: Dear Optimist, Pesimist and Realist whilst you where arguing over the glass of water,
I drank it
as i am an opertunist
thought this related to this :)
One perfect little piece of art heaven! That's how I can describe MeMyArt...Deserves nothing less than that. Love it.
Of course it's a good. Know any kind of art from all over the world . We can sell our art work to earn money and konw that many people like our art .It's an exciting experience for artist. At least , it makes me proud of myself.I'm very thanks to MeMyArt.
MeMyArt is a unique and interesting website that allows all students and artists to upload their artwork and share their passion for art. I feel that this website allows me to be myself and show case my work to get feedback and opinions. I love how I can earn extra money by selling my artwork and it helps me earn skills in this business prospect. I enjoy how I can get in contact with artists all around the country and reflect on their work but also find more interesting information off them too. On the down note MeMyArt needs to work on making the site easier to navigate around as it can be confusing at times however the initial set up of the site is great and very welcoming. Therefore I have advised fellow artists to become a member and start using this fantastic website.
Personally I would love the design of the website to be less Social Networking lead and more professional in its appearance. I understand the reason why you have gone down this approach, but for me to make a long term investment in a system such as MeMyArt I need to feel as if the website is pushing my work to a greater height.

I criticise without knowing realistically what the solution is for this, particularly as your main audience is GCSE & Alevel students who need that familiarity of the Social Network/Blogging design.

I hope this is constructive enough.
I really dnt knw much about bt will defo have nother look nw. Thanku
I think it's a good idea and I hope it catches on.
I wonder if the scheme could be extended to emerging professional artists, who might be glad of a shop window for their work and see the potential for exposure without the expense of making their own site.
I think that MeMyArt is amazing for anyone who would like to publish their art work. It helps people to get more opinion's about their work to see weather the art work they are doing is worth doing or whether they should try something different. It also helps people get inspiration and new ides, on the other hand it also helps engage artists and lets them talk about techniques and details of work.
The site offers a good range of multiple artists in which can all inspire my own work. It is very easy to upload artwork and easy to sort into collections or portfolios. The problem with it is that its aimed primaraly at artists meaning those who are not artists themselves do not see the art avaible. This means there are less people who are able to view the artwork which is a shame.
i found out that you can upload images of my art work to show people what i can do. they also do survey's like this to win items to help everyone with their art work.
It's reet nice.
I think as a young person all you want to do is be noticed, whether its how you present yourself or your work, you want people to stop and think "oh he's pretty cool !", its so hard to get noticed as there are heaps of talented youngster out and about, but by being able to present your work online in a safe viral enviroment and having people notice your work is brilliant !, its also very helpful, hearing others opinions on my work can really help me imporve and open up my creativity to endless possiblities. With MeMyArt it really is all about Me so to speak theres no barriers I can write whatever I want about my work and really just be free with everything and at the end of the day, thats what art is to me, its freedom, so being able to be free with my work and have people notice me as a young artist is fantastic, id say the only negative thing about the enviroment is that its not an actuall gallery and that its only virtual, but what can you do about that ? :)
pretty terrrific to be honest xxx
i feel like it needs a better layout
It's a good website for people to advertise their artwork to potential buyers, other artists and general art appreciators. In addition it provides the opportunity to buy great creative portfolios cheaper than most place with the ability to aid new or inexperienced artists to begin creating their portfolio.
I think its a good way for young or upcoming artists or designers to get themselves recognised. Also, its a good form of inspiration for those who do not know where to start on some of their projects. I do like the idea of people being able to buy wanted artwork from other on the site that you have recently introduced, this may push me to put up some of my own art for sale. I'll be honest, i cannot think of any reasons to put this site down, its a brilliant idea to get people everywhere who enjoy art together and view what other people are doing and what works. I have been putting it off for too long, I'll put some of my artwork up soon.