About Us

Hi, I’m Milly Bruce and I am just starting my degree course in Graphic Design. It was two years ago when I was still at school that I began to think about what became MeMyArt and I am so pleased that we – that’s basically a really great group of friends – have put this site together to launch in August 2011.

To see the story click here to go to our blog (http://blog.memyart.com/)

It was Nicky who really helped me sort things out and gave me the encouragement and push to start the ball rolling. Nicky is an amazing person – she runs her own businesses, she’s really busy, but always has time for everyone (and she’s also my mother!). She got us going and still tries to keep us on the straight and narrow – but it is all so exciting and there is so much we could do – and will do – that it is hard not to try to do too much all at once. Nicky will be the key to any art products that we hope to make available soon – she knows where to get really good stuff at great prices. She is not a computer person though and so we roped in

Mark who is the sort of guy who speaks the language that really clever people understand. He’s also the lead singer in The Abstracts who you definitely want to play at your twenty first. Mark designed the site and what you see is really thanks to him (and his fault if it’s not working!). Mark is really good humoured and level headed and ploughs through all the tedious stuff and even seems to enjoy it. As we realised how much there was to do, Mark brought in

Steve, Russell and Zak who actually built the site. Not only are they super clever, but they are sympathetic, long suffering and really nice guys who have put the flesh on the bones of the dream.

Along the way, Alex joined us to help us on the business side of things and to make sure we don’t run out of money (always a problem!). He’s great at keeping us on track and making sure we concentrate on the main thing – which is to get you a really good, functioning and worthwhile web site.

And then – and we were so lucky – Saf joined the team. It is amazing what he can do – nothing fazes him. He is a genius – the site works because of him and all the refinements and development that we are always doing are done by him. He just knows what will work and straight away there it is, up and running. If you’ve got any suggestions (and PLEASE let us have them) Saf is the guy who will implement them.

and of course I’ve been encouraged and helped by everyone I’ve talked to: friends, tutors and people who just want to collect and I really need YOU too to help make this the best site possible so please, please let me know if you have any ideas or observations that can help us all. milly@MeMyArt.com